Reise Lyoka


Reise Lyoka








He has been trained by Master Kamri in various martial disciplines, and is highly skilled with the sword. He is also a good shot with a pulsar pistol and has pilot training with some engineering skills he has learned from his father.


Reise is the son of Ewan and Jess Lyoka. Brought up in a small isolated village, of which all the inhabitancies are Harmony employees who fled from the company after the war. A cocky and self assured as a child Reise has turned into a very solemn teenager as he is currently dealing with many family issues all stemming from the recent death of his older brother Jace; he blames himself for this incident and this is causing problems with a relationship he is having with another villager called Teil Rance. Currently Reise is avoiding his commitments, spending most of his days in solitude within the forest where he meditates and continues practicing Master Kamri’s teachings; trying to find some inner peace.

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