Masi Kamri


Masi Kamri








He is a skilled master in various martial arts and has limited magical abilities. He has developed hunting skills while living in the wild and he is a prolific teacher.


Kamri was orphaned at an early age and was brought up in a martial arts school in Japan and moved to Europe in his youth. Starting a family and creating a business teaching martial arts he had a pleasant life until bindings end. His family were killed on the first day of the war. He joined the military and fought in the infantry until his strong mana skills came to light he was transferred to Special Forces. After the war he was posted as a body guard to high ranking Harmony officials, but he did not agree with their changing political views. He helped the other villagers escape and protected them during their journey. After they settled down the villagers decided it would be wise for their children to learn how to defend themselves. Kamri took it upon him self to train them, every year he takes three of the villagers away too some nearby ruins for training, the teenagers may not return until the following year.

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