Lon Waldock


Lon Waldock








A natural pilot and engineer.


Son of Jest and Grace Waldock. Lon spent most of his childhood in his dads workshop helping him fix the engines on speeders. Lon quickly became fascinated with engines and as soon as he could he began flying them. He is now considered the best pilot in the village. Something that has only been challenged by Reise Lyoka, but Lon has shown time and again he has something extra special behind the stick. Lon was best friends with Jace Lyoka before his death. He now holds a deep resentment towards Reise; directly blaming him for Jace’s death, something he has publicly displayed time and again. This resentment is growing into fierce tension between the two of them, something that is sure to come to a head soon. Lon is currently establishing him self with many as a natural leader, and puts in a lot of time with hunting and vehicle maintenance chores. All this effort however seems to be unnoticed by his father, whose affection seems solely focused on Lucia, Lon’s younger sister.

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